ANXIETY :what does it actually mean?….

Have you ever felt like your getting a heart attack ,have you ever felt like loosing your arms,have you ever felt scared to stay in a closed room .Have you missed someone so badly that you have not been able to stay even for a minute without them. Just a thought of loosing them made you vulnerable to a high level of tension in your brain .Did you wake all of a sudden in morning and feel the state just like when you are in the middle of high traffic road. What could be the reason behind this.This are the symptoms when you are in peak stage of anxiety and these are known as panic attacks .Many people do not know the difference between anxiety and panic attacks but the truth is panic attacks are the result of a combination of anxiety,depression,In security .

Anxiety is a complete negative state of mind loaded with unwanted tension and stress in brain .Even a small change can cause huge fluctuations in your brain.Anxiety can cause all of a sudden without any reason .It can be mild and it can be as terrible as a heart attack.The people striked by a huge panic attack more oftenly are likely to end up in emergency ward.Although it is a severe mental disorder it do not show much impact on your physical health

Published by kiara

Hello viewers ,i am kiara , a student at lovely professional university , and my course is [hons]agriculture .I studied science in my 11th and 12th standards. I live in India , Telangana .currently i am in first year of my course it was a four year course.I am a great pet lover and owner.Here i am today to share so many things that i have came across in my life.

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