You think you are alone suffering anxiety , but your not….

Friends, you might be confused and frustrated out of all the pain that life has put you through but trust me take on the tips that I have given and be Consistent soon your life will be better you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on hospitals bills. see friends you think your alone on this journey but there are more than millions of people from all over the world that are struggling everyday and we are among them ,we are responsible for our good or bad.When we fight and work anything would be possible ,so when you feel depressed or when your mood goes too low never give up,cause it takes both rain and sun for a seed to germinate and so it takes both compliments and criticism for a flower like you to blossom,it may take time but it will definitely happen .Never loose hope on anything my friends when ever you feel that depressed state in your mind text me and I will be here with a quick reply to you and help you and talk to you and help your way out of any situation that your going through.Friends,don’t let any body ruin your feelings which means do not lay your happiness in what others think about you ,just be happy of what you think about yourself and that will change too many things on its way.My dear ones,there is no lock without a key ,there is no rainbow without a cloudy storm and the same way there is no problem without a solution. All you have to do is to grab your chance and run with your head high like a great athlete in your life and in your own race.Why am I telling you this my friends,it dosent matter you suffer anxiety ,depression ,panic disorders or even cancer it’s all what life’s about ,it won’t be the same and that’s the interesting part about it ,when one thing falls the other rises . so it’s your turn to be strong and fight for it until you are sure that you are happy. Be brave, confident and held your head high .IAM HERE WITH YOU MY FRIENDS

Get rid of anxiety now

  • Friends ,I have written all the details on how anxiety is triggered and how it manipulates our mind .I have suffered with it for two years ,I have been depressed ,felt insecure and have became very suicidal . This happend when I’m in my tenth grade ,I’m too young to handle these things at that age and these disorders continued to bother me till my 12th grade and finally today I’m happy and got rid of those nightmares. so friends ,today I will share how I came out of it,so it might help you guys with a great support and concern of mine. Im here anytime for your doubts and your precious interaction. It is not as easy as it sounds ,trust me. It has been really hard for me earlier when I did not know what I’m dealing with, but the minute I knew that it was a disorder and something that can be cured it has already cured me halfway.You will get half of your stress put away from your shoulders now,cause you know what are you dealing with based on your symptoms.Friends you might take it so easy but on average 40 million adults of age 18 and more are suffering with these mental disorders.Yet these disorders are very well treatable but still only 36 percent of them are cured and the rest are left uncured the reason behind this can be many factors such as financial lacking,lack of awareness,lack of symptoms, extremely shy and suicidal and some other causes which would stop you from being completely cured.Friends,I have suffered with anxiety from my tenth grade and the first time when I was hit by my panic attack I ended up in hospital lol…like most people do.I felt I had a heart attack I though I was gonna die at that moment.soon the fear of getting another attack would trigger me even more to suffer to the next here are the tips and methods that helped me to cure my anxiety and panic disorders naturally.

                                                                                                       1.when you know your suffering from certain disorder you now  know what your dealing with and you will get to know what you should do about it…

  • 2.Try to drink lots of water with pink Himalayan salt mixed in it because the pink Himalayan salt has high mineral value which can retain water inside your cells for a very long time.
  • 3.Spend your time efficiently by making a time table for what all the things you should do in a day.

  • 4.Please make sure you eat lots of fruits and
  • vegetables with high water content and avoid caffeine or alcohol as they can dehydrate your body at a higher rate and can make you prone to anxiety.
  • 5.Add up some extra healthy supplements like probiotics ,Omega 3 fish oils and vitamin E, as they can promote a good blood circulation and thin your blood by purifying it and clearing out cholesterol.

  • 6.Friends,you all know that eating two much sugar
  • can give you diabetes and other health issues but many are unaware that it can trigger anxiety ,panic, stress and depression to a higher level and makes you more vulnerable to mental pain so please limit your sugar intake.Especially dairy products and desserts etc.

  • 7.Never fight your anxiety or panic disorders.JOHN-depression
  • friends,don’t get me wrong but trust me, fighting your disorders mentally by screaming or expressing the pain out can make the situation even worse and the key is to stay calm, breath slow and deep. Remember the most happy days of your life or talk to someone you love . The key is to keep yourself from anger,hypertension and frustration.
  • 8. Meditate well everyday ,it calms your mind and brings your self to you. It changes the way you carry yourself and promotes you with many extra benefits like improved concentration ,memory and other skills.It make you the real you and you will be able to find an inner peace and your own inner strengths that are been hidden for so many days.
  • 9 .Friends,get yourself interested in any kind of physical activities such as sports or gym it is the greatest way to de-stress your body and keep it healthy .Many business magnets and actors who have to work day and night have stated that gym is a great place of de-stress ,where you won’t be thinking about anything except your body and the physical stress that you go through will help you forget about your mental stress.

  • 10.Another healthy spice you can eat is garlic,it is used as medicine in ancient Egypt .It has anti-inflammatory properties .It maintains
  • blood pressure and makes your blood thinner and purified ,this can low down your stress levels in a great way.I personally ate one raw garlic clove every single day .It helped my significantly.

What causes anxiety…

Anxiety is common in many people but in most of the cases it is unrecognized and people are less aware of it. There are quite many factors that leads to anxiety in one individual . Please go through the causes carefully .All the factors may not be seen in every anxiety suffering individual but ,trust me few are enough to confirm your problem.Do not panic if your matched to these symptoms, its always important to make sure that you do not have any other medical conditions or any other habits that are giving you similar symptoms to anxiety ,depression and panic attacks. If your confident that all the factors are promoting you to anxiety then do not panic ,ultimately there is cure for this too.

1.Anxiety can be hereditary and can pass from parents to children. It is believed that parents who have suffered with anxiety disorders or have gone through suicidal attempts in history have their traits on their children.It is proven that in certain cases fear is also inherited from the parents. An experiment conducted on lions have shown that lions hunt almost anything but they do not go near pandas .Pandas are called as iron beasts in olden days because of its sharp razor like teeth and lions cant cope with them .So they developed fear towards those bears and will not fight them even today. This explains everythinghereditory disorder

2.Extremely painful past can trigger anxiety. Friends ,if you have a weak heart and weak mental strength ,then you will be more vulnerable to these mental tortures.fear

3.It is also believed that people with creative skills like drawing ,singing,poetry etc are more likely to suffer anxiety. The more creative your mind was ,more you think and imagine .Imagining is a part of your anxiety triggers .A strong imagination of something being wrong or fear about something can turn on your anxiety significantly.creative people

4.Negative thinking or loving a person extremely and fear of loosing them can cause anxiety very fast.sad_024

5.People with high blood pressure and extreme stress in their daily life style can trigger anxiety even more.

6.Any kind of dysphoria like gender dysphoria for example or any physical inability can make one feel insecure .They tend to lack being socialized ,instead they turn out to be introverts and insecure and depressed. Scared to express their feelings. Extra shy in public etc.

7.Very bad diet and unhealthy life style can have severe effect on ones psychological system and can promote to various mental disorders. Lets be honest friends,we are adapted to this modern civilized and globalized nations where we hit several varieties of food .We buy and order food outside instead of cooking a healthy food at our homes. It is the efficiency and affordable prices of junk food attracts us too much but you should be aware that its attracting many other factors in to your life that will make you falter.

8.Heavy work at school at work place and when you have financial stress on your shoulders .

9.Lost of love ones or death of children can promote Anxiety disorder at a faster rate. 10.certain drugs and medications can cause increase anxiety and depression.

ANXIETY :what does it actually mean?….

Have you ever felt like your getting a heart attack ,have you ever felt like loosing your arms,have you ever felt scared to stay in a closed room .Have you missed someone so badly that you have not been able to stay even for a minute without them. Just a thought of loosing them made you vulnerable to a high level of tension in your brain .Did you wake all of a sudden in morning and feel the state just like when you are in the middle of high traffic road. What could be the reason behind this.This are the symptoms when you are in peak stage of anxiety and these are known as panic attacks .Many people do not know the difference between anxiety and panic attacks but the truth is panic attacks are the result of a combination of anxiety,depression,In security .

Anxiety is a complete negative state of mind loaded with unwanted tension and stress in brain .Even a small change can cause huge fluctuations in your brain.Anxiety can cause all of a sudden without any reason .It can be mild and it can be as terrible as a heart attack.The people striked by a huge panic attack more oftenly are likely to end up in emergency ward.Although it is a severe mental disorder it do not show much impact on your physical health

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